Applying for a Home

Applying is easy! Here's everything you need to know for a smooth application process. 

Planning and Preparing to Apply

There are certain procedures and requirements involved in the application process. Additionally, you'll be required to provide certain documents in your application.

Review the Application Prep guide to ensure you've met all the Application & Qualification Requirements and gathered all the necessary Documents Required for Application. Reference these guides for all the instructions during your application process.

Apply Online 

With all your documents gathered, you're ready to apply. Register for an account in the Applicant Portal to apply online today! You'll use this account to begin, submit, and check the status of your application, and you can use just one account for multiple applications.

Once your application is approved, your move-in process will begin. A member of the move-in team will reach out to you with more about Moving Into a Home and your move-in timeline. 

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