ID Verification Tips

Hudson Homes uses a third party ID verification service. If you have trouble verifying your ID, please see below for more information or call the Toll Free Number: 844-661-2566.

By verifying your identity, you are confirming a few important details for us. First, that you have a valid ID (which is required of all residents), and that your personal information is correct and up-to-date. Verifying your identity also helps us prioritize your application over potential spam or fraudulent applications.

ID Requirements

The forms of photo identification that Hudson Homes accepts are:

    • A valid driver’s license
    • A valid state identification card
    • A valid passport
    • A valid military ID
      • Due to limitations, military ID can not be verified by ID verify. If you are using a military ID, and it is your only form of ID you will be asked to contact us for an alternate workflow during your application process.

Please be sure the ID you provide has not expired. We do not accept expired ID’s. We accept color scans or photos of original documents only.

ID Verify

When using ID verify, many failed attempts to verify are due to image quality. Please review the following tips if you experience any trouble verifying your ID.

After your ID is captured, the photos are sent securely to a trusted digital identity verification service for review and verification. They store your data securely for 7 days after which the data is permanently removed from their system.

  • Taking Photos of Your ID
    • Use a darker, solid background.
    • Avoid holding the document; it is best to lay the document on a flat surface while photographing it.
    • Be careful not to cover essential information, like barcodes, dates, images, etc., with your hands or fingertips.
    • Take the photo(s) in a well-lit room.
    • Make sure there is no glare on the document that would make the information difficult to see or read.
    • Hold the camera steady.
    • If you are using a passport fold it backwards along the spine to make sure that it stays open.

  • Taking Your Selfie Verification Photo
    • Make sure your face is in the center of the screen.
    • Make sure you're in a well-lit room.
    • Make sure you're against a solid background.
    • Remove accessories such as glasses, hats, headphones, face masks, or anything else that could obscure your face.

  • Browser Recommendations
    • If you are using Internet Explorer, you may experience trouble verifying your ID.
    • Instead, we recommend you use a valid modern browser such as the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or the latest version of a mobile browser if you are using a mobile device.

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