Move-In Day Home Access

This Move-In Day Home Orientation contains important information to help you access your home on move-in day.

Access information will be included in your Move-In Day email. 

Front Door Access

Hudson Homes utilizes Rently devices for front door access. You will be able to access your new home via the Rently Keyless keypad affixed to your front door. You’ll receive your move-in day access code on the morning of move-in from an email "". You will not receive this code until after all move-in charges have been confirmed paid.

You can use the Rently app in the future. Download and install the Remot app. Follow the instructions to register and accept the invitation to manage the home.

This video on Rently Self-Touring provides additional assistance on the Rently device.

Secondary Access

Please check the garage door jamb, front porch, or side of the home for the secondary lockbox.

The following sets of keys are located in the lockbox:

    • Rently Keys that manually unlock the Rently Deadbolt (labeled “Oaks”)
    • A pair of standard Kwikset keys that unlock the secondary door (e.g. back door of dwelling)
    • If a keyed common door lock exists on the property, a key to the common door is also provided
    • See this Lockbox Manual for additional instructions on how the lockbox works

Other Accesses

Garage remotes are typically located in the kitchen drawers or in the cabinet above the microwave. If none are available, please submit a maintenance request via your Resident Portal.

Mailbox keys can normally be obtained from your local post office. Please take a copy of your executed lease for proof of address. If you experience any difficulties getting mailbox keys, please let us know.

If there are any shared/assigned parking spaces, this information will be included in your lease..

You may have common access and access to shared spaces if you live in a community with shared access amenities.

Rently Smart Lock

Having issues? Try holding the check-mark down for 30 seconds, wait 2 minutes then enter your code again.

This video on Rently Self-Touring provides additional assistance on the Rently device.

Users can also contact Rently support at 888-340-6340 or the Hudson Homes move-in department at 877-565-4669 for help. Speak to a representative to reset and get another direct code and/or alternate code. We can be reached during normal business hours, Monday-Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM CST.

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