Security Deposit Guide

Hudson Homes complies with the security deposit return policies outlined in the lease and per local state requirements.  We may utilize security deposit funds to restore the home to its condition at the time of move in, excluding normal wear and tear. Refer to Maximizing Your Security Deposit and Move-Out Checklist for additional clarifications. 

An itemized Move-Out Statement will be provided to you within 30 days of move out, or per state requirements. The Move-Out Statement will outline any move out charges, pro-rated utility charges, and other balances that may exist at the time of move-out.  

Security Deposit Refunds will be processed as a paper check and mailed to the forwarding address provided when you confirmed your move out on your resident portal. If a forwarding address was not provided, we will send the check to the latest address we have on file. Please contact your post office to set up mail-forwarding to ensure you receive this check, especially if you did not provide a forwarding address.

If the Move-Out Statement identifies a balance is owed by the resident, your payment portal will be open for 60 days after your move out date for you to pay your outstanding balance.

Please contact your Property Management Team if you have not received your Security Deposit refund within the state-required timeframe. 

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