Pet Policy

All pets/animals are subject to Property Management approval. 

Hudson Homes allows a maximum of three animals per household. Pets are governed by a separate addendum to the lease agreement and may result in additional fees, rents or deposit requirements. Pet fees depend on number of pets in the home and state where the property is located. HOA pet restrictions (if any) supersede those of Hudson Homes.

Pet Deposit 

Hudson Homes is not responsible for pet activity. Deposits are returned when you move out of the house and final accounting is completed.


Hudson Homes does not allow exotic animals. Exotic animals include but are not limited to birds, reptiles and rodents.

Pet restrictions apply to breed type and size. Restricted breeds result in automatic cancelation. Please consider the following breeds restricted and unacceptable:

    • Akita 
    • Alaskan Malamute 
    • Boxer / Boxer Mix 
    • Bulldog (any type including but not limited to American, English, French) 
    • Bullmastiff or Mastiff 
    • Chow 
    • Doberman 
    • German Shepard 
    • Husky / Siberian Husky 
    • Pit Bull Terrier 
    • Presa Canario 
    • Rottweiler 
    • Staffordshire / Bull Terrier 
    • Wolf Dog / Wolf Hybrid 
    • Any combination (mix) of these or any dog that has any of the above breeds linage 

Service & Support Animals 

Hudson Homes welcomes Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals. Please see Service & Support Animals for more information. 

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