Maintenance Emergency

If there is a life-threatening event, please call 911 immediately, then contact your maintenance provider. 

An emergency maintenance issue is one that is dangerous, hazardous, or could cause damage to the property or your personal well-being without immediate attention. 

Emergencies can include, but may not be limited to the following conditions: 

  • Active major water leak: Such as a broken pipe or leaking water heater. Not including slow leaks, dripping faucets, or fixtures that can be resolved by turning a valve stop at the fixture. 
  • Gas leak: Please ensure gas appliance valves are off, call the gas company, then report the emergency to us. 
  • Sewage leak/backup: If sewage has backed up and contaminated the interior of the home. 
  • No AC: If the outside temp is 80 degrees and rising, and the thermostats (upstairs & downstairs) read 76 degrees or higher. Not an emergency if one of two units work. 
  • No heat: If the outside temp is 55 degrees and falling, and the thermostats (upstairs & downstairs) read 68 degree or lower. Not an emergency if one of two units work. 
  • No water: If caused by a damaged well pump, or municipal water shut off due to non-payment when utilities are in Hudson Homes name. No hot water is not an emergency. 
  • Electrical hazard: If there is an electrical fire, arcing, or burning/ smoke. 
  • Storm damage: If the home experiences flooding, a fallen tree or branches, or broken windows or doors resulting from a storm. 
  • Vandalism or re-secure: If an exterior door or window can't be manually closed, locked, or secured. 

If you are unsure of your provider's contact information, please log into your portal and refer to the maintenance contact information listed. If you are unable to log in, you may dial the main Hudson Homes phone number at 877-565-4669 and follow the prompts for "Maintenance." Your call will be routed to the correct provider. 

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