Renter's Insurance

You must provide proof of renter’s insurance at least two business days hours prior to your move -in. If you do not submit your proof of coverage on time, your move-in may be canceled or delayed and any funds previously paid will be forfeited.

You are required to provide proof of Renter’s Insurance with minimum liability coverage of at least $100,000. The effective date of your renter’s insurance must be on or before your move-in date. All adults who are named on the lease must be listed on the same policy, OR each adult must provide their own coverage, meeting the minimum criteria or $100k in liability coverage. "Hudson Homes Management" shall be named as an additional insured/interested party on your renter’s insurance policy. 

The information your insurance company will require is as follows:

     Hudson Homes Management
     PO BOX 3687
     Coppell, TX 75019  

See the Pre-Move-In Checklist for more information. 

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