Agent Referral Program 

At Hudson Homes, we know time is of the essence and you want to find the perfect home for your clients in a timely manner. For questions, please call 877-565-4822.

Register in Four Easy Steps! 

1. Send a registration requests email to (include your full name, phone number, and email address).

2. Once we receive your email request, we'll send you an exclusive invitation to join VENDORCafe. From there, you'll submit your vendor profile information and activate your account. You will need:

    • Tax ID and other W9 info.
    • License documentation
    • Insurance information

3. Upon HHM approval, you'll be able to view your invoice status and send electronic invoices for faster processing by your client.

4. GET PAID! - Work smarter, not harder! Gain complete visibility into your invoice status and payment details.

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